Because we believe you deserve to move like you want to

Stop feeling insecure about enjoying your life

Most busy adults have become inactive because of work and life obligations. Modern life takes a toll on our posture and inactivity causes us to gain weight. This reduces our ability to move well and can affect our self-image. 


At Infalible Fit, we know how it feels to not have the confidence to do everything you want in life. We give you the support you need to realize your potential and to enjoy life without feeling insecure about how you move and feel.

You want to move and perform better but…

  • What you tried in the past didn’t work

  • You are busy and have limited time

  • You don’t know the most effective way to get results

  • You don’t have the support

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We give you the support to realize your potential and to enjoy life without feeling insecure about how you move and feel. We ensure that you are training at your pace while we help you discover, re-gain and explore new movements.

Gain Confidence

Gain the confidence to do the things that you once thought were impossible. Improving your health and fitness increases self-belief. Let us help you become the most confident, best version of you. 

Increase Energy

Perform At Your Best

Having a training program that is the most appropriate for you will keep your mind sharp and your body energized to take on all the different challenges life throws your way.

Fitness is much more than a number on a scale. Whether it is in the boardroom, at home with your family, or a weekend hobby that you love - you won’t just move and feel better, you’ll perform on a whole new level.

Lasting Results

Stop doing workouts designed for someone else. Save time and reduce stress from trying to figure out what program is best for you. Leave that to us! We will give you the best program that will lead to lasting results.


(60 mins)

Get the 1-on-1 support and accountability you need. We will guide you through your very own personalized program. The focus is on you and you alone. We’ll be with you every step of the way - holding you accountable and working towards effective results.


(60 mins)

Pressed for time? Can’t make it to the gym? Skip the commute, we come to you! Get the same support and accountability you need in the comfort of your own home. This service is offered within a 10 mile radius from our Palo Alto location. 


(3 sessions)

This includes a movement assessment and strategy session and 2 private sessions. With all three combined, you’ll be moving better in no time. This is perfect for testing the waters without feeling the pressure. Get expert coaching for your next steps with or without our team.

Currently Unavailable

We believe that everyone has untapped potential within them and it takes the right environment to unleash it. WE'VE BEEN THERE TOO. No one on the team was born fit. We each had our own unique struggle that allows us to genuinely walk beside you.

Bst Fitness Coach in Palo Alto, CA


1. Schedule a consultation

Click below and set up a time for us to get to know you and define where you want to go. Let’s see if we are a good fit!

2. We create your program

Your program is uniquely designed for you, using our system, to ensure consistent progress and optimal results.

3. Move and perform better

Discover your untapped ability, realize your potential and have the confidence to perform in any situation.

Life is short. How important is feeling confident to you?

We understand how important work and life obligations are but you can’t forget the most important person…YOU!

The costs can be more painful than you think:

  • The way you feel will not change (continued lack of confidence)

  • Increased health risks, and not being able to do what you love

  • Poor posture, difficulty and pain with everyday movement

  • Weight gain, reduced energy and confidence

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Making the decision to train with Infalible Fit is a commitment to yourself and to your loved ones.


You don’t have to take our word for it, listen to what our clients have to say…


Joanne is an extraordinary trainer! She has her own transformation story so she deeply empathizes with the work she is asks me to do. 

Her positive energy and "can do it'ness" has helped me through the hard times when I didn't think I could do certain things. Her sensitivity has helped me through the even harder times in the gym - those times when my own thoughts and emotions got in the way.

She is organized and knowledgable about the human body and the way it functions. She works with my body from the ground up, literally! ALL amazing: Joanne is the total package.


I have suffered from herniated disks and early onset arthritis for many years, thanks to a sedentary lifestyle and genetic predisposition. After 12 weeks I am very happy with the results. My flexibility and mobility have improved significantly and I am able to sustain long hikes.

Joanne is very patient and makes an effort to understand her client thoroughly and tailors the workout plans accordingly. When I started out, the sight of heavy weights equipment overwhelmed me. She put me at ease and started out gentle and gradually built in more demanding routines. 

She communicates clearly and is very professional. I strongly recommend her services!


Over the years my body has accumulated nagging injuries from sports. One in particular is my right knee. My knee would act up when doing sprints. It would take a couple of days to recover or longer at times. I discussed with Joanne my issues and based on the information I provided, she gave me a couple of exercises to help strengthen the muscles around my knee. Within two and a half weeks, I was sprinting with no soreness or pain on my knee. I also don't need to wear my knee brace anymore.

Joanne is an excellent trainer and is relatable. I love her attention to detail and communication. She customizes your training needs based on your needs and goals! Thank you Joanne!