Alice S.

Joanne is amazing! I had the pleasure of working with her to train for a boxing match, so my hopes were to reach my fighting weight and improve my strength and conditioning overall. She took me back to the fundamentals of boxing form and it drastically improved the power behind my punches as well as my movements/speed. Also, there's nothing like having someone who has been on a huge weight loss journey herself - trust me, she knows her stuff! She explains things thoroughly and in a way that makes sense to someone who knows very little about the mechanisms of the body & proper nutrition (aka me). Even if you don't want to train for boxing specifically, I would highly recommend Joanne to anybody trying to reach fitness/weight loss goals.

Cindy T.

Joanne is a great coach and motivated me to do more, especially from where she started from. In September 2017 I was unable to do 3 push-ups in a row. My arms would quiver and shake, and it was tough. Joanne showed me the right way to do them. I began adding push-ups into my regimen and forced myself to do at least 20 a day. By November, I was cranking out push-ups, all the way down and even moving laterally with them with confidence. My shoulders and biceps have developed well, and I always make sure that I'm feeling the right muscles burn and putting tension where it needs to be when working on by myself. I highly recommend Joanne as a trainer who will make sure your form is correct, which makes all the difference in your true progress. Joanne Castillo is patient and is willing to work with you, and can help you accomplish your goals the way she did with me.  Highly recommend!!