Infalible Fit Tee

The name 'Infalible' has been with me for almost two decades. It was originally given to me when I was a lyricist. Technically the word is spelled "infallible," but I deliberately chose to leave out one L because it felt more true to who I am — I'm not perfect but I'll do everything to the best of my ability. That mindset is integral to Infalible Fit, believing it's more important to give it your own personal best than to be perfect by anyone else's standards. I still live true to that meaning of my name and I hope that it resonates with you too.   

  • Style — fitted

  • Material — 100% cotton

  • Sizing — men's/unisex

  • Colors — black, navy, or grey

  • Back side has the definition of this mindset:
    Infalible [ in-fal-uh-buhl ]:
    I'm not perfect but I'll do everything to the best of my ability

Purchasing options coming soon!

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