When was the last time you "stretched" your wrists?

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

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I hope you enjoyed the previous blog I wrote on chest stretches to fix bad posture. That posture exercise can be done at home or at work. If you need a refresher, click here for 2 Chest Stretches To Fix Bad Posture.

Now, let's talk about something you ACTUALLY need to be aware of: Your wrists.

You probably don't realize it, but did you know having your hands in one position for 8 hours a day (I'm talking to you office warriors!) can cause a lot of tension in your wrist? It's something we're not very cognizant about since we're so used to using a laptop or computer day in and day out. Your wrists are probably in the same position the moment you walk in until the moment you leave!

For this week, I want to focus on wrist pain. About 85% of my clients sit in front of a computer for work, and 100% of them are using their wrists in a repetitive fashion. They are constantly writing emails, software code - essentially using the keyboard day in and day out. 

This repetitive behavior may lead to overuse of your wrists, which over time can cause you issues of fatigue or sharp pain when you're typing or holding your phone to check that email. I'm not saying the sharp pain is going to be persisting all day, but it will become an inconvenience especially when this can occur more than once a day.

Talk about a huge inconvenience, right? I certainly wouldn't like it especially if I'm working late on a project which requires...movement of my wrists.

If you find yourself having wrist aches or if your wrists feel stiff after a day of work, watch the video below on 2 exercises you can do to strengthen your wrists today.

Stop what you're doing and try this exercise right now (click the play button is what I'm saying).

Even if your wrists aren't hurting or aching, it's still good practice to make sure they get exercise so this will never become an issue for you.

I highly recommend doing this everyday, especially if you're someone that works in an office that requires your hands to be stuck on the keyboard all day.

Just like training at the gym where you are stretching your muscle groups before a heavy workout, strengthening your wrists is a vital necessity especially if you will be doing a repetitive task such as typing all day. Feel free to reply directly here to chat with me. I am more than happy to help you on your path to a more fit lifestyle.

Hope this helps!

JCEE Fitness

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