The Fitness Journey Began…

3 Aug 2016, 163lbs, 5'0 / 3 Aug 2017, 113lbs, 5'0
3 Aug 2016, 163lbs, 5'0 / 3 Aug 2017, 113lbs, 5'0

I battled with my weight my entire life. As an adult, I failed at many diets: no carb diet, soup diet, 21-day diet, etc. There were a few that actually worked but I failed to maintain it. However, I’ve always been into sports and fitness. I played basketball throughout my academic career and focused on bodybuilding and CrossFit soon after. I’ve also done combat sports: Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Kickboxing and currently Boxing.

Although I was always involved in some sort of fitness my eating habits were out of control. I was eating and drinking uncontrollably most days out of the week. I also convinced myself that my body type was hereditary and that I couldn’t do anything about it. Once “I accepted it” I continued to live the same acting as if I was happy but deep down I was extremely depressed, miserable, and insecure.

What changed my mind?

Reality hit me with the photo (above left) from my nephew’s birthday party and the doctor telling me that I was pre-diabetic with high cholesterol. The indescribable discomfort that I felt when I stared into “me” that my mind created when I looked at myself in the mirror finally surfaced. I never felt so disappointed. I remember being proud of finally fitting into that entire outfit when I was getting ready for the party earlier that afternoon. I literally had a slimmer image of myself in my head. It was time for a change!

The Change

I was introduced to registered dietician Alex Concepion RD/LD, through a good friend who made the Top 4 in her second bodybuilding competition with his help. At first, it was impossible to think that having a coach would help me reach my goals because of my beliefs. Another reason was my fear of failure. The fear of failing again and that I wasn’t good enough for the challenge. Despite the way I felt, I was determined to finally achieve my goals so I contacted Alex.

Alex helped start my fitness journey and was there throughout my entire transformation. My lifestyle change was led by sacrifice, discipline, hard work, and self-aspirations. In doing so I lost 50lbs resulting in a healthy living environment. Not only did I become physically fit, I also became aware of how negative I lived throughout my life.

It is more so mental than it is physical. There are a lot of hunger pains, sweet cravings, and unmotivated days. The results will not come immediately and it can be discouraging but stay consistent, the results will eventually come. This doesn’t happen overnight. It is a marathon not a sprint…a lifestyle not a fad diet.

The journey is DEFINITELY worth it and something that you cannot do alone. In saying that, I am thankful for everyone’s support and encouragement. It will never be taken for granted.

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