Learning to Use Negative Emotions

I’m a work in progress but I WON’T STOP until I reach my FULL potential
I’m a work in progress but I WON’T STOP until I reach my FULL potential

When I initially started my fitness journey, everything that I was doing from meal prepping to training was to meet my number one goal of having my first amateur boxing fight. As time went by and as more and more people congratulated me on my transformation, I started to realize this non-describable confidence that I was gaining. Noticing this confidence made me aware of how extremely depressed, unhappy, and insecure I had been. I was completely down on myself but this lifestyle change has helped turn that around!

Everyday I strive to be physically, emotionally, and mentally stronger. I also care more about my appearance and maintaining myself. I’ll be honest here, when I say maintaining myself I’m talking about basic hygiene taking daily showers, brushing my teeth regularly, seeing the dentist, using lotion, etc. These things that I did not care to keep up with in the past. Yeah I know…I was depressed. There are still things that I’m dealing with. I’m NOT perfect!! However, my symptoms have reduced. I don’t know if I would still feel the same if I gained weight tomorrow but what I do know is how it feels to be severely depressed, anxious, insecure, and unhappy. I DON’T EVER WANT TO FEEL THIS WAY AGAIN.

With a different mindset, I’ve set a new goal…to never feel emotionally and mentally unstable again. How? Stop victimizing myself. I’ve been training my mind to look at what these negative emotions are trying to teach me instead of thinking the world is always against me and then turning to vices to numb out the negativity. I’ll dissect the situation, identify the underlying feeling, and come back with a better outlook and lesson. This prevents me from shutting down as soon as something happens and letting it brew. Also, I’ve been able to pinpoint where a lot of my reactions and negative views have stemmed from. One example of a reaction would be how I used to lash out. My father lashed out on us no matter how big or small an issue was so that’s how I learned to express myself.

As I realize how much control I had been giving these negative emotions for years the more I strive to learn how to let it work for me and not against me. I have learned a lot about myself so far and am working to make the necessary changes on becoming a better person each day.

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