Is there really such thing as spot reduction?

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

I hear all the time about certain fads and trend diets rising, but there is one myth/fad/trend that I absolutely know is false. Spot reduction. Let me make it clear: SPOT REDUCTION DOES NOT WORK! The concept of spot reduction is that you are able to target areas (i.e. the flab in the back of your arms) of your body where you can trim fat from, which is highly improbable if you're doing a single workout specifically targeting that area (i.e. tricep extensions). Those muscles you're targeting are very small. You are likely utilizing just as much energy trying to "spot" reduce that area where a comprehensive cardio and strength training or high intensity interval training (HIIT) program would likely yield better results. According to this article by Ace Fitness "You can try to cook a turkey with a candle, or you could use the oven. Prioritizing the smaller muscles without addressing the bigger ones is a pennywise and pound-foolish way to train. But if it makes you feel better to train the smaller muscles, save it for the end of your workout if you have time and energy." This right here is a perfect explanation of spot reduction. Cooking a turkey with a candle (spot) or using the oven (overall). If you want to reduce certain "areas" of fat, it begins with your overall routine. It matters what you're doing to your big muscles, how much work you're putting your entire body through, and your diet. The next time you're at the gym and you're trying to reduce fat in a particular spot "focus on larger muscles through compound movements like squats, lunges, pushes, pulls and integrated/combination movements." Spending 30 minutes to exercise one small muscle will only waste your time! Let me know if you thought this was helpful, or m