How much do you know about your shoulders?!

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Remember the last time you used your shoulders? You should - we use them all day long. It's very important that the very muscles you use everyday need constant stretching. Stretching that muscle becomes even more vital since your shoulders are one of the most mobile joints in the body.

Tension in your shoulders can come in many ways, most of time its postural problems or from stress. Tight shoulders can lead to pain or stiffness in your neck and upper body. Overtime this may limit your daily activities when there's too much tension!

If you're someone that slouches when sitting, or feels shoulder tightness after any non-working out activity. I highly recommend that you try the 2 shoulder stretches I'm going to teach you in my video. 

P.S. This is something you might want to try at home or at the gym, not in the office! Waving around a pipe (like I am in this video) might make you look silly, but your shoulders will thank you the next morning.

As always, let me know if these videos are helpful. Feel free to reply directly here to chat with me. I am more than happy to help you on your path to a more fit lifestyle. Remember, it's the little fights that lead to a big victory.

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