Have Back Pain? Try these 3 exercises to alleviate it immediately!

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

I get a lot of emails and questions from my clients and the people that I meet on how to reduce back pain, and the first question I always ask them is:

"Do you sit on a chair for 8 or more hours a day staring at a computer?"

When they tell me "Yes" I immediately show them this exercise (I'll talk about that in a bit, but let's go over why you might be having back pain in the first place).

Chances are, if you're having back pain - you're probably working in an office sitting in one position the entire day and never going out to stretch. This is how back pain builds! So if this sounds like you, I implore you to keep reading.

Almost all related back & hip pain stems from sitting in front of a computer, where you're likely to be slouching and/or not taking a break after prolonged sitting. Simply standing up and going for a walk, or moving your back from side to side won't cut it. The pain is just going to persist and grow. That's why I'm showing you exactly what you need to do to alleviate back pain immediately! Why am I doing this? Because I've been there, where my body aches all over and I can't find answers.

More importantly, I will be making a series of videos to help you stay cognizant of quick and fun exercises you can do daily to stay in shape and to quickly fix any pain before they spiral out of control. 

This is the first of many videos to help you stay on track outside of the gym as well as keeping you in check when you are beginning to have any aches throughout your body.

I hope you like this and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Feel free to reply directly here to chat with me. I am more than happy to help you on your path to a more fit lifestyle.

JCEE Fitness

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