Don't Ever Leave the Gym Without Stretching!

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

So, you get to the gym and do a few stretches. When you're warmed up you work out right? How about when you're done working out? Your heart is racing, your adrenaline is still high, your muscles feel the burn or "the pump".

Look, I get it. As soon as you finish that excruciating workout, the first thing you want to do is walk out of the gym and get home. But there's one important step almost EVERYONE forgets!


After we've used our muscles to do various motions of movements, or lifting heavy weights, it is extremely important that you spend at a minimum 10 minutes stretching those same muscles you just moved through the grinder.

I'll tell you what happens when you DON'T stretch after working out. Obviously, you're not going to feel this right away as your body is still in its "fight or flight" mode from all that exercise, but you're actually prone to injury if you don't stretch when you're done working out.

Having muscle tightness after prolonged periods of not stretching makes your body extremely prone to the key points highlighted below. They need to be adequately stretched before and after working out. Don't believe me? Check this article out right here.

The key points they highlight are:

1. Increased muscle tightness 2. Decreased athletic performance 3. Increased risk of injury 4. Muscle degeneration 5. Poor circulation

Sounds scary right? There's absolutely no reason for you to NOT spend an extra 5-10 minutes to stretch after your workout.

The road to your fitness journey starts with one step at a time, but don't take the escalator going down because you skipped stretching after working out.

Remember: Dynamic stretching pre-workout and static stretching post workout.

Let me know if this was helpful, or if this has motivated you to stretch the next time you're at the gym. If you don't have access to my stretching emails that I've been sending out, reply here directly and I'll make sure you get it.

Feel free to reply directly here to chat with me. I am more than happy to help you on your path to a more fit lifestyle.

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