3 Simple Tricep Stretches

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Look, we've all been there before...you're excited to hit upper body, you're excited to see the pump and feel good, but you forgot to stretch afterwards, what now?! Don't worry, I'm saving you the trouble of searching through the many pages of Google on "How to stretch my triceps".

Many of people tend to forget to stretch their triceps after an upper body day, they feel the burn in their tricep muscles and see how sore their upper body is. They usually just stretch the big muscles and call it a day. I want to emphasize how important it is that your triceps get the proper stretching that they need after a heavy workout!

If you're not convinced after reading that, I have another reason for you to stretch those triceps, especially if you sit in an office all day...

Did you know that prolonged sitting without moving your arms (I'm looking at you office warriors) can shorten your triceps and increase muscle tightness? What does this do? It reduces power and strength when you work out, increases pain and limits mobility. Doesn't sound so good when all you've done is just sit in one position all day right? 

No it doesn't.