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Build a healthy lifestyle and thrive from the inside out.

Starts July 31


Our Unique Whole-Person Wellness Approach

Become Fit & Fierce by building a healthier and sustainable lifestyle from the inside out. This 3-month course focused on the whole person will change your habits to strengthen your fitness, assess your blood test results and boost your immunity. Your fit and healthy living coaches will meet you where you’re at and lead you where you want to go!


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Course: July 31 through October 31

Meet Your Coaches

Joanne Castillo
from Infalible Fit

Joanne’s mission is to use the power of fitness to help others find the same transformation she experienced on her own weight loss journey. She understands first-hand the struggles and challenges of losing weight. Her goal is that clients walk away with more body awareness, better form and technique, and positive changes in their values and beliefs—one step, one rep, one session at a time.

Michelle DeWolf
from Festive Table

Michelle's Zen-like approach to coaching will lead you gently, yet consistently step by step to a healthier sustainable lifestyle. The goal is to get you to a place where your health and nutrition habits don't feel hard or painful because they are not a quick fix or a diet. She evaluates any blood work you have and consults with you on how to improve the trends, cleanse your system, and boost your immunity using food as your best medicine.


Don't worry that the gym is closed! With this unique course, you get the best of all worlds — an at-home gym experience with a professional trainer, personalized wellness coaching, a community to cheer you on, and 24/7 coach access!


Program Outline

Level One — August to October

Make progress and begin changing habits to prepare for the winter months. This is more important than ever since we are working from home. Changing our habits and boosting our immunity (COVID) will prepare us for the winter months.

The unique blend of fitness, nutrition, wellness coaching, and this small-group community makes all the difference. We'll even help you measure your achievements through blood test evaluation at the beginning and end of the program.

Infalible Fit

Joanne's twice-weekly training sessions (from your home, over Zoom) will empower you to...

  • Focus on form & body awareness

  • Properly activate and fire correct muscle groups

  • Breakdown physical and mindset limitations

  • Create new values and beliefs about yourself

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The Festive Table

Michelle's weekly personalized coaching sessions by phone or Zoom will support you to...

  • Educate and execute on the top healthy habits

  • Uncover your best daily diet

  • Move way beyond the number on your scale

  • Set and achieve 1-, 3-, and 6-month goals

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Level Two — November to January

Stay tuned for the opportunity to maintain your progress and take personal growth to the next level. We'll work together to expand your flexibility, endurance, well-being, and positive body image. Exclusive gear and freebies available for continuing members!


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Space is limited and sign-ups close July 29, don't miss out!

3-month Course

Original combined value: $2100

Enrollment Discount: $390

Your total investment: $1710

Optional payment plan: $570/month for 3 months (Aug–Oct 2020)

Workout Kit

Resistance bands (with handles, ankle straps and door anchor), mini bands, and disc gliders

Equipment is necessary for the course. Kit is optional if you already have this equipment at home.

Original value: $100

Enrollment Discount: 10% off

Your investment: $90

Heart-Healthy Bloodwork Kit

Total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides, Hba1c, hs-CRP

Tests are necessary for the course, once before and once after. Kits are optional if your doctor will do the tests instead. If you have recent test results to use as the "before," you can choose to buy only one bloodwork kit to use as the "after" measurement.

Original value: $100 each

Enrollment Discount: 15% off per kit

Your investment: $85 per kit

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Course Only

If you already have the workout gear at home and your insurance will cover the bloodwork

One-Time Investment



Three Monthly Payments

$570 each

Image by Nadine Primeau

Course + Kits

Everything you need: the three-month course + the full workout kit + two bloodwork kits

One-Time Investment



Three Monthly Payments

$657 each

Image by Adli Wahid


Optional add-ons to the "course only" package, if you need some but not all of the kits

Workout Kit



Bloodwork Kits

$85 each


Questions? We're here!

Joanne Castillo, 1-408-338-9313,

Michelle DeWolf, 1-650-464-6177,