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Skip the commute! We come to you.


You’re not feeling confident in your body and you want to improve your health. The problem is your jam packed schedule. The result? You missed another day or had a mediocre workout.  


We understand how valuable your time is which is why we'll come to you. When time is tight, in-home personal training lets you spend more time getting fit and less time in transit. 

We’ll make sure that time is working for you and not against you!

Sound familiar?

  • You are busy and limited on time

  • You get distracted when you workout at home alone

  • You constantly talk yourself out of taking the trip to the gym

We Travel Within the Following Areas: 

Rates start at $250* (60 mins)

*Additional costs based on travel and distance

  • Palo Alto

  • Menlo Park

  • Portola Valley

  • Redwood City

Training Couldn't Be Easier From Home

We believe that everyone has untapped potential within them and it takes the right environment to unleash it. WE'VE BEEN THERE TOO. We each had our own unique struggle that allows us to genuinely walk beside you.

Our Simple 3 Step Process

  1. Schedule a consultation

Click below and set up a time for us to get to know you and define where you want to go. 

2. We create your program

Your program is uniquely designed for you, using our system, to ensure consistent progress and optimal results.

3. Move and perform better

Discover your untapped ability, realize your potential and have the confidence to perform in any situation.

Joanne is an excellent trainer and is relatable.

I love her attention to detail and communication. She customizes your training needs based on your needs and goals! Thank you Joanne!

-Alex Lopez

No matter where you are in your journey our comprehensive training system makes sure you check the boxes and get the results you’ve been longing for

The non-negotiables for lasting success. Our work together always springs from these pillars of functional strength training. These 3 essential training goals are interrelated and built simultaneously. 


Movement Control

The more control you have in your movement, the more you can maximize your performance potential safely, efficiently, and effectively.​

We’ll improve your mobility and asymmetries through the 7 basic functional movements. 

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Stability Control

Stabilizer muscles hold your body upright. When these crucial muscles are strong, they create good posture and alignment, which decreases pain and risk of injury.

While improving mobility control potential, we work on strengthening your stabilizer muscles to improve your balance, timing and coordination.


Strength Control

Increasing mastery. Mobility and stability control lead us to increasing strength, physical capacity and confidence in performing exercises with increasing load. You’ll cultivate physical and mental resilience to skillfully do your favorite activities and to reach your goals.

In short, you will trust your body more and how it carries you through life.

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While most of our clients like to train in their own space, we also train at the gym.