Joanne Castillo

Infalible Fit Coach & Founder

Joanne is a holistic fitness and movement coach, 15-year Air Force medic veteran and a former audio engineer. Her journey began from a negative place. Living in a yo-yo diet most of her life, she convinced herself that being overweight was just who she was. She battled with low self-esteem, self-love and respect. In addition, she lived in a destructive state numbing out her problems with drugs and alcohol. Her weight loss transformation began when she hit her personal bottom and was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and high cholesterol. 


In 2016, she decided to take action. Determined to change and done feeling sorry for herself she hired a coach.  With the help of her coach, she lost 50lbs. Not only did she become physically fit, she became more present. She became aware of how deeply depressed, unhappy and insecure she had been. Her transformation coupled with deep inner work was the gateway to building a stronger and healthier mindset. It has changed her habits, lifestyle and sense of self worth. 


Before finding her true purpose in fitness, her original dream was to have a music career and to own a record label. Now, her mission is to help others with the same tools she used to transform her life. Joanne’s focus is to change the quality of her client’s lives by improving their physical and mental performance. She believes that we need to change our mindset, attitude and habits right alongside our bodies in order to make lasting changes. 

Outside of training Joanne is an elite flyweight boxer. She loves to read, music, traveling and binging shows.